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Term 1 focuses on DRAWING THE FACE. We will break down the proportions of the face, beginning by understanding the basic shapes which make up the head. We will then go through the individual features of the face (eyes, nose, mouth etc) then bring everything together with three final drawings of the whole face. We will work throughout the term with a variety of drawing media; pencil, graphite powder, charcoal pencils, water soluble graphite, blending stumps and two boxes of pastels in a single hue and variety of tones. The aim of the term is to take away all fear of portraiture and to have you confidently drawing faces!

Term 2 is all about DRAWING AND PAINTING THE FIGURE. We will start with the basic proportions and then look at the difference between drawing male and female figures and drawing children. This term we use watercolour, pastels and acrylics; developing skills and techniques through the term. We will be breaking down figure drawing by using a combination of drawings from the Masters and photographs with modern figures. Our aim here is to enable you to confidently include figures in your paintings.

Term 3 continues to develop knowledge of COLOUR THEORY using temperature in colour and looking at warm and cool colours. We will be working in every media we have used so far in the course. This term puts together the skills developed over the previous 8 terms; using tonal contrast, shape, colour theory, perspective, composition and including faces and figures. Drawing skills continue to be developed with set sketching exercises focused on developing skills shading with colour.


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