Questions about our Online Art Course?

We have provided a few FAQs to help, however the Little Art School is made up of a team of dedicated individuals who are with you for the duration of your Drawing & Painting journey on the online adult art course.

You can contact us at anytime, whether you are interested in enrolling or are already a student of the online adult art course, a member of the team will be happy to help you with any queries. Alternatively, we can be contacted through Facebook, and once you have enrolled we would encourage you to join our Adult Online Art Course Facebook group where you can engage with the team and other students. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Level 1 is £350 - this includes access to all 30 lessons in the level for 1 year from enrolment and ALL the materials you need.

UK Postage is also included, if you are outside of the UK email us at before enrolling and we can advise on additional postage costs.

Level 2 will be available Spring 2021 and again ALL materials will be included in the course cost.

When does the course start & how long will I have access to the lessons for?

Whenever suits you! Your access to each Level (30 Lessons) lasts for a year from enrolment. So you can really enjoy the course at your own pace, there is restricting schedule or start dates*

Just allow 7-10 days for delivery of your materials.

Each Level is purchased individually so you can also have a break between Levels or move on straight away.


*Please note - Each Level purchase is for 12months access from enrolment date, if you require an extension on this 12-month period there will be a nominal charge of £5.00 per month. 

Do I need technical computer skills?
Absolutely not! We want you to be able to focus on your own work so our format is very simple.

Just log-in to your Dashboard from the Adult Online Course tab on our website. Select your Level and Lesson and press play. You will see all the lessons are formatted in the same manner with clearly defined points for you to press pause and work.

Our team can provide help if you do have any problems through our dedicated Facebook group or by email -

I can access lots of free drawing and painting tutorials online, how is this course different?
The Little Art School course is a structured, progressive course so every lesson builds on previous lessons to give the student a full understanding and complete development of their skill.

Our course is not just about the techniques either - we have been testing and using the materials we include with the course for many years and our Lessons are designed to give you the confidence to use all mediums confidently. All this, without any trial and error - you will use all your materials, nothing will get relegated to back of a cupboard to gather dust.

Do I need to stick to a schedule when doing lessons?
We take you through a step by step approach, developing skills and techniques. and you can take the online course at your own pace, completing lessons and moving on to the next to keep developing your skills. Our aim is to have every one of our course graduates drawing and painting with confidence. Our students can’t believe how quickly their skills develop and how they can paint to an unimagined standard after just one year of our course.
I am a complete beginner, will this really work for me?
Absolutely! Our philospohy to drawing and painting and very similar to that of learning a musical instrument.

No one expects a symphony straight away, you start with the basics, the cords, and build from there. We know that this approach to drawing and painting works - we start with a line and we build from there and you will be painting your symphony by the end of the course.....

Do I need to start at Level 1?
The course is designed to be completed in sequence, with skills developed and reinforced every lesson.

So yes, you start at Level 1 and move through - the course is designed in such a manner that whether you have previous experience or completely new to drawing and painting, you will still be able to take away from every lesson.

Can I cancel my subscription?

By purchasing a Level with our Payment Plan you are committing to a 12-month agreement.

If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, please get in touch with us at to discuss.

*Please note* Early cancellation will incur a cancellation fee which we will advise on a case-by-case basis. Find our full Refund & Returns Policy here