Structured, Progressive Online Art Course

Structured, Progressive Online Art Course

Have you always wanted to learn to draw and paint?

The Little Art School online Drawing and Painting Course takes an absolute beginner from drawing simple shapes to completing complex portraits in oils. All the art materials you require are included in the cost of the course and are delivered to your door.

What will I learn during the Online Art Course?

Each Level is divided into 3 terms, each term has 10 progressive lessons each, for a total of 30 online art lessons. Our structured art course is designed to introduce you to new styles and techniques as you progress through the lessons.

Term 1:
A focus on the absolute BASICS OF DRAWING & PAINTING.

We look for SHAPE within drawing and painting. We will work exclusively in watercolour paints, introducing basic watercolour skills and developing different watercolour painting techniques. Drawing skills are also taught from the absolute basics of holding a pencil through to developing sketching skills.

Term 2:
A focus on TONE.

We teach the importance of looking at darks and lights, firstly in monochrome and then in colour. This term we use gouache paint, an opaque form of watercolour which is very popular with our adult artists. Drawing skills are developed with an emphasis on shading and looking for tone in drawing.

Term 3:
An introduction to COLOUR THEORY.

We will be working in the brilliantly adaptable ACRYLIC paints. This term puts together the skills developed looking at SHAPE and TONE and explores complimentary colour theory. Drawing skills continue to be developed with weekly sketching exercises complimenting the painting skills you will learn.

“Our online art classes have been developed and tested over several years; we know that we can teach ANYONE to draw and paint with our unique, highly structured online art course.”

All required materials are included in the Online Art Course

FINALLY, a structured online art course which comes with all the materials you need to learn to draw and paint!

We provide you with all of the required materials (even the kitchen roll) to complete the online art class, and deliver them directly to your door

If you have purchased the course in full you will receive all your materials in one delivery when you enroll, if you choose our monthly plan your material will be delivered in three stages throughout the 12 month period. Your materials pack includes Watercolour, Gouache & Acrylic paints – Brushes & other painting utensils – Sketchbook & Paper Pack – Course Guidesheets – even kitchen roll!

How much does the Online Art Course cost?

To make enrolling in our Online Art Class as easy as possible, we have a number of different payment options available.

Option 1:

Order the full course.

A single one time payment of £350. UK Postage Included*

You will receive all 30 Level 1 Lessons, 1 Year of Access and ALL art materials delivered* upon enrolment.

Option 2:

A 12 Month Payment plan.

£29.50 per month for 12 total payments 1 year of access. UK only

Materials will be delivered in 3 parts – 1st on enrolment, 2nd in month 4 & 3rd in month 8.

Option 3:

A 9 Month payment plan.

£39.50 per month for 9 total payments 1 year of access. UK only

Materials supplied in 3 deliveries. 1st on enrolment, 2nd in month 3 and 3rd in month 7

Early cancellation fee may apply on monthly plans.

Allow 7-10 working days for delivery, international deliveries may take longer.

*If enrolling from outside the UK please email us at for additional postage costs.

“So Glad I signed up for this course. I feel I’ve learned such a lot in a short time. The video lessons are easy to follow and the support from fellow students and the school is really encouraging. Rediscovering the joy of drawing and painting while learning new skills and techniques has been fab. Thanks Little Art School”

Norma Cullen

Little Art School Student

Online Art Course - Introductory Pack 

Just £50 for 6 months access!


Perfect as a gift or to trial our Online Course format without the commitment. 

As part of the introductory art pack you will receive:


Specially selected materials from the full Online Art Course Materials.
2 exclusive art lessons to complete at your leisure.
A 10% discount voucher to use for our full Online Art Course. 

Enrol today to experience our structured online art lessons and see if they're right for you (or a friend!).



Our unique drawing and painting course has been developed over years of testing. We start with simple shapes and build techniques and skills progressively through the lessons.

The Little Art Course is divided into 6 Levels.

Each Level is divided into three terms , with 10 lessons in each term.

Each Level has a total of 30 Lessons.

Click here to view the 6 Levels  and to find out more about the Little Art School Structured Drawing and Painting Course


We don’t want you ever to feel on your own! The Little Art School is a small team and we are totally dedicated to wanting you to get the best from this course. If  you have questions you can email us and we will get back to you! Every month we will hold a live session with Tutor Joanne to answer any questions or get a little extra guidance in any areas you are having problems with. This online forum is also an opportunity to connect with the other artists on the course


Our Little Art School Adult Online Course has a Facebook Group where members share their paintings, top tips and experiences of learning to draw and paint with us. The group is very supportive and friendly and Little Art School team members also get involved and can answer questions or provide feedback.
Barbara writes so beautifully and very honestly about her journey from picking up a pencil to learning a skill that has the power to change your life. You can read about Barbara’s journey here

Can Peacocks and Lemons Really Change Your  Life?

By Barbara Hawken

Little Art School Graduate