#DailyDraw is our gift to every child; the Little Art School response to Covid-19

We spent a great deal of time trying to work out how we could carry on teaching our Little Art School classes during the time of school closure due to Covid 19. Our conclusion was that our product is essentially studio based. It is not just what we teach with the drawing and painting, but HOW we teach, with empathy and focus on the individual child. We teach art to build self-esteem. It’s about the way our teachers interact with the students, the way they help, correct, suggest and train; it’s about the high quality of the materials we use and how we are teaching children to use the techniques with these specific media. 

We came up with an alternative way forward that gives every single one of our artists some joy and creativity on every single school day that they are missing. Our online lessons are completely free of charge. Every weekday we release a video on YouTube. At the same time every day; something to look forward to that will add a little structure. Every weekday during Lockdown 2020 we released a video on our YouTube channel. At the same time every day; something to look forward to that added a little structure. As we move into 2021 we are planning to re-open the #DailyDRaw every weekday from 11th to 15th January. We know how tough home-schooling is, for both parents and teachers, and we hope this will help give a little structure to the day.

All the children will need is a pencil and a piece of paper. Every day we guide them them through a drawing, we will then give extra pointers for colouring or painting if they have the materials. This is  our way of saying to all of our young artists; this is hard for you, we are with you, let’s draw together every day.

“The Daily Draw has been amazing for the kids. With all the uncertainty & worry of lockdown, it gave them some normality and a fabulous way to relax…It really means a lot to us that Chloe & Jake inspired the senior lessons. They have loved doing them! We are so appreciative of the Little Art School – what an amazing thing to do for kids (& parents & grandparents!)”

Little Art School Glasgow Parent