Mel - Little Art School Online Art Course student

On social media this week, we’ve featured a beautiful painting, ‘Daffodils in Acrylic’ by Mel Williams. Mel lives in picturesque Vale of Clywd in North Wales and completed her painting during Level 1 of our Online Course for adults. This course was developed by Joanne as part of our response to the pandemic and is now growing in popularity across the world! We caught up with Mel to ask her more about her experience so far.

She recently retired from a busy job as Deputy Head Teacher of a Primary School, and with more time on her hands, began browsing for an online art course. Her husband Arwel recently retired from teaching too, and keeps himself busy as a woodturner, so art is a great new hobby for Mel. It means she can spend her time doing something she loves, but still have time for their shared passions for photography and travel.

Mel had no real background in art, save for her O-level many years ago, and time spent delivering art lessons in her classrooms. She had been impressed with Joanne’s ‘Daily Draw’ online resource for children during lockdown, and when she came across our Adult Course online, she instantly recognised the Little Art School and was drawn to the nurturing ethos that runs throughout the company.

She’s enjoying the course immensely, and has opted to pay the full amount upfront (monthly plans are available), which means that she’s had lots of exciting materials delivered at once! The structure really appeals to her, and with paint to spare, when she’s completed a lesson, she’ll often go back and do another painting to reinforce what she’s learned. She re-uses the guide sheets or will watch the lesson video again if she needs extra reminders!

Mel loves the social side of the course too, and thoroughly recommends the relaxed, monthly catch-up with Joanne, Kathleen and fellow students over Zoom. She’s met some lovely, like-minded people from across the UK, and it’s been a great way to share tips, answer queries and get support. The Facebook Group has been a bonus, and another great way to exchange messages and chat.

She says, “Whether you think you can or can’t paint and draw, this course will change your mind. If you have some previous experience, it will reinforce your skills and give you an even greater knowledge and understanding of techniques – and if you think you can’t and lack confidence, you’ll change your mindset! It’s so well structured and organised that everyone can and will succeed!”

Mels Daffodils in Acrylic-Level1-Online Art Course

And what of her beautiful, bright painting? She really loved doing it and has just finished the next lesson too – a painting of some bluebells this time! If it’s as successful as this one, we can’t wait to see it. Well done Mel, we’re looking forward to seeing you grow and blossom as an artist, it’s such a pleasure to have you with us!