A New Chapter at the Little Art School

Welcome to our first Blog post! My name is Joanne and I’m the Founder of the Little Art School. My aim is to develop a blog here which becomes a forum for a variety of subjects which resonate with parents who are interested in developing creative skills in their children. I am passionate about art and believe that developing drawing and painting skills in children can be of huge importance in building self-esteem, developing motor skills and enhancing children’s long-term career prospects in an era which is increasingly valuing creativity.

This month marks a moment we at the Little Art School have been working towards for years. We are about to grow our local business into a national brand, helping children to build their self-esteem right across the UK. The concept of the Little Art School is very simple; we teach children how to draw and paint. We do it by teaching our unique, highly structured drawing and painting course. All our teachers are trained in our methods and practices and they deliver the course we have developed and carefully tested. Our course works; we take a child from drawing a little mouse at the age of 5 to being able to confidently tackle painting portraits in oil by their senior years of secondary school. Our teachers are empathetic, kind and encouraging. 

Our business model is built on our family values and we have grown our own Little Art School family here on the west coast of Scotland. This new chapter, when we will grow our family across the UK, is very, very exciting. We have planned for so long and with such care that now the time is here our nervousness is giving way to happy anticipation. We are looking for some very special individuals to be our first franchisees. We want people who believe in our vision of becoming the leading provider of franchised drawing and painting courses that enhance and enrich the lives of children across the UK. We are also looking for people who share our values in building a nurturing, safe and high quality franchise, at the same time as having the drive to be profitable and highly organised.

Our family at the Little Art School has always had flexible working at its heart. Melissa and I have grown the company whilst juggling the demands of parenting. We have gathered a team around us who are all dedicated to our business but can work flexibly around the demands of their busy family lives. We envisage that our franchisees will cherish our flexible working ethos and our commitment to building a profitable, sustainable business at the same time as retaining balance in our lives.

I’d love to hear from you, tell me the kind of things you would like to read about here. I have lots of ideas and I can’t wait to start sharing!