The Little Art School Trust

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The Little Art School Trust was established as a registered charity on 1st September 2015, and currently delivers projects throughout South Ayrshire.

The Trust delivers art sessions to some of the most vulnerable people in our community from people with Dementia and their carers to Young Carers and we believe passionately that art can make a difference in everyone’s life.  In fact we know this to be true, feedback from our dementia related projects ‘Drawing Together’ and ‘Art In A Suitcase’ and also our Young Carers project ‘Connect Create Participate’ has been overwhelmingly positive – look at the ‘Testimonals’ to see what people are saying.


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As a charity the Little Art School Trust is continuously looking at funding opportunities and also fundraising.  Our Fundraising Page highlights our recent fundraising activities – if you would like to donate to the Little Art School Trust or hold a fundraising event for the charity then please contact us and let us know.



The Little Art School Trust has a dedicated and ‘hands on’ Board Of Trustees who work hard to ensure the charity is governed and regulated correctly in line with the Office Of The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and its constitution.  Meetings are held monthly and/or quarterly so that everything that can be done is being done to ensure the Little Art School Trust is working effectively and proactively.



The Future

At the Little Art School Trust, we are looking to become integral to the South Ayrshire Community and ensuring that we can deliver a variety of services to those who are vulnerable and isolated.  As the Trust grows, we will be looking at projects as diverse as working with ‘children with special needs’ to ‘people recovering from strokes’ in addition to our current services.  We will garner as much insight into these areas, through professionals and research, to ensure that art lessons are tailored specifically to individual groups.

Please visit the Little Art School Trust Facebook Page and look out for the Trust appearing soon in your area.  For further information about the Little Art School Trust please contact

Susan Webb – Development Coordinator

 Little Art School Trust, 12 Alloway Place, AYR, KA7 2EG. 

Telephone 07709 845640