Our Team

"The Little Art School Company Ltd is blazing a trail advocating the benefits of flexible working opportunities for women."

We believe that many women decide to take a career break after beginning their family, determined that for a few short years of their life they wish to focus on nurturing their young children. As those babies become toddlers and then young schoolchildren it becomes harder and harder for so many talented and highly skilled women to return to the workplace. Skills feel rusty, digital technology has advanced at a rapid rate and whilst they have been immersed in laundry and nappy changing, former male colleagues have advanced up the career ladder in their absence.

The Little Art School Company believes that there is an enormous untapped resource of highly skilled women struggling to find a place where they can return to the workforce due to the dearth of flexible working opportunities for women. We are building a company where it is taken for granted that team members will need to go into school for special events; plays, sports days, open afternoons and assemblies to name a few. As a company we recognise that employees might need to work from home occasionally whilst a sick child is on the sofa with Calpol and C Beebies. In return the Little Art School Company is more than compensated for its flexibility having a team of skilled women with dedication and imagination.

To find out more about our team of talented artists take a look at our Blog Page which showcases their work.

All staff are Disclosure Scotland Checked.